Sunday, August 07, 2011

Keep Dry On Your Big Day - In Style!

ou may be THE most organised bride in the world with the best attention to detail, but the one thing that is out of your control, is of the course, the weather! And, let's face it, if you are getting married in, albeit beautiful Blighty you can half expect a spot of rain or more!

However, all is not lost, if it is going to rain on your parade, then let it land on a brolly that has panache!

These brollies are so pretty that you will want to keep using it after the big day.

This pretty little number is a subtle shade of soft cream adorned with white flowers.

We love this seethrough brolly! You won't miss a think peeping through this pretty brolly!

And this beauty is a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue adorned with fuschia pink flowers! Beautiful!

If you feel you cannot live without one of these little beauties then you need to get on over to Love Umbrellas where you can purchase them for as little as £12 - £28!!

Happy Planning ♥


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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer said...

Those are cute! Japanese umbrellas would be nice for weddings too.